EOBI Login

EOBI Login is the easiest one-click web portal to know about your EOBI pension and check your account status. The first step to avail all the benefits of EOBI is to register yourself with the EOBI platform. If you are still not aware of how to use and register on the EOBI pension platform we will guide you through the easiest steps. We will also explain how you can log in with your ID card number.

EOBI Login

EOBI Login

What Is EOBI?

EOBI Is the aggravation of employee old age benefits institution. It plays a vital role in securing the financial rights and future of retired private employees. EOBI was established in 1976 under the 1976 Act and enforced from 01 April 1976 in Pakistan. The main purpose of establishing this institute is to provide social insurance to retired workers by Article 38(C) of the constitution of Pakistan.

EOBI Pension

EOBI pension is social insurance or a social security program that offers old age pension, survivor pension, invalidity pension, and old age grant benefits to an insured or registered employee of a private sector organization. EOBI pension program helps retired employees maintain their financial life; if a pensioner dies, it offers pension benefits to his dependants or heirs.

The minimum amount of pension a registered employee can get after retirement is Rs10,000.

The maximum amount of pension can be calculated by following the pension calculation formula.

(Average Minimum Monthly Wages) X (No. of years of Insurable Employment) / 50

What Is the Current EOBI Contribution Rate?

According to the EOBI act an employer of a private organization and industry will pay an equal to 5% monthly contribution of the minimum wage for employees’ pension. Additionally, workers of said organizations will pay employee contributions equal to 1% of their minimum wage according to the law of government. Employee contribution is commonly deducted by the private organization’s employer against the employee’s CNIC number or EOBI number.

Current EOBI Rate

Employee’s current contribution @ 1% of the minimum wage of the worker.

Employer’s current contribution @ 5% of the minimum wage of the worker.

Suppose that the government sets the minimum wage for employees is Rs 32,000 then a 1% contribution will be deducted from an employee’s salary which is Rs 320 monthly and the employer will pay a 5% contribution which is Rs 1600 per month. Then it’s the responsibility of the employer to deposit the total amount of contribution which is Rs 1920 (1% + 5%) to the EOBI account for the pension of employees. Check 8171.

How To Do EOBI Login With User ID & Password

If you are an ensured EOBI employee or registered with the EOBI program then you need to follow the below step-by-step guide to log into the EOBI portal.

How To Do EOBI Login With User ID & Password
  • This option will redirect you to the login page where you can enter your user ID & password.
How To Do EOBI Login With User ID Password 1
  • Now enter your username and password correctly in the respective portion to log into your pension account. Make sure you have entered your information correctly to avoid login difficulties.
  • After putting the required information in the login area then click on the login button to log in to your EOBI pension account.

EOBI Login For Employer

EOBI has a special interface for employers, where they can register new employees, check the details of a registered employee, delete employees, edit employee data and also generate payment voucher slips for contribution procession and many other operations.

If you are an EOBI registered employer and want to log in to your EOBI portal you need to follow the below step-by-step guide to enter the login employer portion.

EOBI Login For Employer
  • Visit EOBI’s official website or click here.
  • Scroll down and click on EOBI facilitation system which will redirect you to the login portal.
  • In the login area, you need to enter your login ID which was issued by EOBI at the time of registration and then enter your password.
  • Before clicking on the login button you need to make sure you have entered valid data to log in EOBI employer account.
  • If you forget your password or don’t remember your password then you need to click on forget password button to get your new password.

How To Check EOBI Status By CNIC?

If you are registered or ensured by the EOBI program and want to verify your pension details against our CNIC or NIC number, then the login portal also gives access to your EOBI account by CNIC number, login process is easy and very simple. Make sure that you have the following things to log into your pension account by CNIC number.

  • Active internet connection
  • A computer or smartphone
  • EOBI number
  • You must be registered in EOBI
  • Your ID card Number

If you have all the above information and want to log in to your EOBI pension account then you need to follow the step-by-step guide to enter your pension account by using your CNIC number.

  • Visit the official website of EOBI or click here to open the portal.
  • Now you need to click on ensured person/employee detail on the portal to check your pension account details.
How To Check EOBI Status By CNIC
  • Now you need to put your CNIC number in the top section. Make sure that you are putting the correct 13-digit CNIC number without dashes or spaces. You can also verify your EOBI pension account by using your EOBI number.
How To Check EOBI Status By CNIC
  • Now click on the Green Arrow Button to get access to account details.
  • After that system will process your request within a few seconds and show employee details on the next screen.
  • If you are an ensured EOBI employee then the following details will appear on the screen.
  • Employee EOBI Number.
  • Employee Name
  • Present Home Address
  • CNIC Number of worker
  • Employee Gender
  • Employee Date of Birth
  • EOBI joining Date
  • List of relative names
  • Employment History of Worker
  • Contribution History

Login With An EOBI Card

Once you have completed the details now you will be welcomed by the EOBI web portal to have access to all details of your pension and the amount of pension you have remaining. 

One of the easiest ways to sign in to your EOBI login portal is to sign in with your EOBI card. Here is the method to check your pension with the card.

EOBI Login
  • The initial step you need to take is to open the official website of the government www.eobi.gov.pk
  • On the home page, you will see the text written “individual information
  • Click on the text.
  • Now the new page will be opened to login. Before login to the portal, you will need to provide your EOBI number
  • You need to enter your NIC number now
  • Now click on the sign-in option under all the details.

Key Benefits Of Using EOBI Login

Following are the main key benefits of using an EOBI login to get access to your pension account.

  • Users can easily access their account for pension status, information, and pension schedule.
  • It provides help to check all contributions over the years. This login portal also verifies that their employers make accurate pension contributions.
  • Fully secure online transaction.
  • Users can manage the claim of their pension benefits like survivor pensions, old age pensions, pension grants and many other things.
  • The login portal allows users to edit, add, and delete their personal information such as contact information, and address details.
  • With 24/7 access, a user can manage his pension account whenever needed, making it simple to control his retirement planning without being defined by office timing hours.
  • The login portal also provides a live chat option and support to the users to ask their confusing questions.

Check EOBI Online

Finally, now you are eligible to access your pension details. You can even use your card to log in and grab all the details your account has.

What Is EOBI Card Check Karne Ka Tarika?

By logging into the EOBI account you will be provided with all the essential details of your account. Now you don’t need to be worried about your precious knowledge of pension.

You don’t need to wait for anyone to know your pension details. If you are waiting for your pension to be delivered to you just go to the EOBI portal and get information and be satisfied.

This portal will provide you with various other opportunities to know about your account and status.

EOBI card check krny ka tarika is easiest way on online platform. You can check your EOBI card easily on the online website portal.

You just need to log in to your online portal and there you will get all your card details. Even you can get your card status on the official website of EOBI.

Here we will discuss the procedure of getting your EOBI card from the official website of the Government.

  • The first step is to log into your EOBI account with your ID and Password.
  • Now you will be eligible to see the panel of My Account on the left side.
  • Under these options, you will see the text “Check status
  • You need to open that link and you will see all the related information there.

How To Login With A Bank Alfalah Account?

Bank Al Falah also provides the opportunity for employees to get their pension information. Bank Al Falah is providing all the perks of EOBI employees.

If you are an employee of Bank Al Falah you open your account of EOBI in the bank. You will get all the related information in your bank account in the account. Even you will get your pension in this account. 

How To Login With A Bank Alfalah Account?

Contact EOBI Support

Even you can get the pension withdrawal through your bank Al Falah ATM. you will get an employee identification number through which you will be able to log into your bank account and check the remaining balance.

If you have any queries you can contact the support of the EOBI login team. Sometimes people get stuck in the procedure of login.

You contact the helpline of the EOBI team at 080003624. The timing of the physical office is from 8:00 to 4:00 pm working days of the week. Feel free to contact the EOBI support team and share your issue any time during working hours.

The support team of EOBI will be happy to solve your issue at any cost. If you are not getting your pension you can complain to them. Check your pension application rejection reasons and what to do after rejecting your EOBI application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Check MY EOBI Pension Details?

You simply need to visit the EOBI official website, click on the ensured person or employee details, and then enter your CNIC number for quick verification.

Can EOBI Reject Pension Application?

Yes! if you do not qualify for the eligibility criteria of the EOBI pension program. Then EOBI can reject your pension application on different grounds.

What Is The Salary Of A Retired EOBI Employee?

The minimum salary of a retired EOBI employee is 10,000 and the maximum amount can be calculated through the following formula.

(Average Minimum Monthly Wages) X (No. of years of Insurable Employment) / 50

How Do I EOBI Login With User ID & Password?

  1. Visit EOBI’s official website.
  2. Now click on EOBI Facilitation System and a new window will be open.
  3. Enter your user ID or password to log in to your EOBI account.

How Can I Use The EOBI Facilitation System?

If you are an employer of a private organization you must register with the EOBI program and then you will receive your user ID and password through your email address after that you can easily log in to your EOBI facilitation system.

Can I EOBI Contribution Online?

An employer of private industry can log in to the internet banking portal of his bank and easily pay EOBI contribution for employee pension through online banking service.

Select the Bill payment option in the portal and then click on the Bill tab.

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