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About The Project Of EOBI

The project of EOBI is a specified institution that was established to provide old age benefits in Pakistan to ensure guidance and facilitate the retired people who are looking for social security benefits. The organization was developed in 1976 under the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resources Development. The major purpose of this project is to provide income for people who are retired and need financial aid in terms of pension.

EOBI provides pension benefits to those who have deposited in the EOBI fund during their time of service in the government sector. For getting the pension benefits employees are responsible for depositing a portion of their salary in the EOBI fund so that they can enjoy the pension benefits at the time of retirement. It provides financial aid when employees are unable to work.

The organization is responsible for the guidance and provision of funds for the survivors of the deceased employees by providing a lump sum amount of regular financial aid every month. The fund is provided by the employees and the employer during the duty years of employment.

During the last few years, the organization has achieved various landmarks of improvement for enhancing the numbers of pension benefits and increasing the coverage for old age benefits. The organization has made various reforms that upgraded the institute during the last several years by digitalizing the process and providing a mobile app to ensure a user-friendly experience.

EOBI is committed to facilitating its stakeholders by providing social security benefits and ensuring easiness in the process of pensions.

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