Bad News For EOBI Pensioners

Bad News For EOBI Pensioners?

EOBI chairman Dr Arshad Mehmood has permitted to give the honorarium to officials equal to the basic pay of employees on the eve of Eid Ul Fitr. Sajjad Ahmad deputy director HR department has signed the notification of honorarium letter no 53/2024. In this notification, it’s clearly said that this honorarium will be given to the officials on 31 March 2024. All the eligible officials are happy with this notification and they are all very thankful to the chairman. 

It is also declared that few officials who are punished or suspended from service cann’t be eligible for this honorarium. 

Bad News For EOBI Pensioners

All the pensions have rights for this honorarium but the government is not giving proper rights to the pensioners. All the pensioners need to get this notification and file a writ petition in the Supreme Court for their rights. If you want to get in touch with us and need more news about EOBI then visit the EOBI News section.

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