Every Pensioner Demanding Double Pension

Every Pensioner Demanding Double Pension

Tomorrow night meeting of the board of directors was held and in this meeting, special efforts were taken for the increment of EOBI pension. As in the previous budget 2023, a reasonable increment was taken but due to sky inflation, the increment was like salt in water.

The budget 2024-2025 will be announced within 4 days and now there is a chance that a 50% increment is expected in this budget. When prices of medicine have been increased up to more than 100% and within 10000 rupees per month it is very difficult to survive.

The Government of Pakistan should think about their old age employee who has given their whole life for their country. A 100% increment was compulsory but a 50% increment will encourage them a little bit.

It is hoped that when budget 2024-2025 is announced then a remarkable step will be taken for EOBI pensioners so that they can be compensated. If the Government of Pakistan is not willing to increase EOBI pension according to their demand then the government must decrease the prices of everything up to their approach.

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