Why EOBI Employees Do Biometric Verification

Why Biometric Verification For EOBI Pensioners?

Bank Al Falah might ask EOBI employees for biometric verification for the following reasons. This verification could be done every six months using the EOBI ATM Card. It will show that the EOBI employee is live and receiving his pension. 

Why EOBI Employees Do Biometric Verification

Following Govt Rules

Pension disbursing banks like Bank Al Falah follow some rules and regulations that the Pakistan government makes. These rules and regulations force every employee to do thumb verification to get a pension. 

Always Stay Safe

Fingerprint verification is different for all human beings and is a gift from God. Fingerprint and eye scans are different for every single person. It provides extra safety to each EOBI employee and no one can take the pension of any other person. 

Making Things Easier 

Thumb verification makes things much easier. You don’t need to show a national identity card or fill out any form to get the pension. You can get a pension by using a fingerprint or eye scan. 

Keeping Everyone Happy

When a bank demands biometric verification and other security for the customers, these things can make them happy and keep them safe from any kind of fraud or scam. 

Becoming Trend

The biometric verification process is becoming the most popular thing in each bank. Because it is more safe and more secure to use the bank services. 

Final Words

So, due to these above reasons, Bank Al Falah demand every EOBI employee for biometric verification. Because Bank Al Falah follows the rules and regulations which are made by govt of Pakistan. Biometric or thumb verification makes things easier and saves everyone’s money and it has become the trend in each bank. You can also check How To Activate Bank Al Falah EOBI ATM Card.

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