How To Check EOBI Card Online?

Check EOBI Card Status Now

Check Your EOBI Card Status Online

EOBI card is a type of certificate for employees who are ensured by the Old Age Benefits Institution Program. It seems like a national identity card and also includes the name of a cardholder and address as well. On the other hand, an EOBI card includes the name of the cardholder, father/husband’s name, EOBI number, date of registration, and date of birth of the employee. 

How To Check EOBI Card Online?

Through this card, an ensured employee can check his/her pension details and also be assured that he/she is qualified for this EOBI pension scheme. Some employees haven’t had this EOBI card but still they are getting their full pension. However, if any employee has this card, he/she can get some benefits from the EOBI pension program by using this EOBI card. 

How To Check EOBI Card Online?

Every ensured employee can check his/her EOBI card by using the CNIC card number. However, if you are not registered with the Employee old age benefits institution then you need to visit EOBI Registration.

  • Visit the EOBI official website
  •  Go to the EOBI Individual Information option.
  • Click on login with your CNIC number and then log in to your EOBI account.
  • And then check the EOBI card status there.

Eligibility Criteria For EOBI Card?

You need to fulfil the following criteria or conditions to be eligible for EOBI Card.

Check Eligibility Criteria For EOBI Card?
  • The age of a male employee should be 60 years, and a female employee 55 years. 
  • The private organization must be registered with the EOBI program where an employee is working. 
  • An employee must work a minimum of 15 years before applying for an EOBI pension card.
  • EOBI cards and NIC/CNIC cards are necessary to get an EOBI pension.

A service card or certificate is proof of your experience where you have served or working now for 15 years. Your experience can be summed up in all the places where you have worked. Even if you have some gap or service break then you can still count them. You can check GAMCA Medical Status and SPSC Login.

What Benefits Of The EOBI Card?

There are some benefits of the EOBI card so every ensured employee can take the following benefits from this card.

Death Grant

Suppose a pensioner died during the period of getting full benefits from EOBI. Then his widow, parents, and child can get a death grant from this program. There is no time limit, pay limit, or other limitation for getting this death grant. Moreover, this grant can be taken by a deceased person’s relative by applying within six months. Such a grant could be 500,000 Pakistani rupees.

NOTE: Death grant is different for the miner employee, even if a miner employee is not registered with the EOBI program and he died then his relative can apply for death grant.

Education Grant

EOBI provides the education grant to its registered employee’s children. If a child of an ensured or registered employee gets admission to a school, university, or college then his tuition fee will be paid by this EOBI institute. EOBI not only provides tuition fees but also provides scholarships, transportation, and stationery expenses. Following are the stipend details of the students of different classes.

If a child of an employee passes the matriculation level exam then this EOBI scheme provides the different types of diploma. It also offers a monthly 3000 stipend to every student.

Dowery/ Marriage Grant

EOBI program provides a 100,000 rupees grant for the marriage of their children. An EOBI ensures employees get this grant directly. Even an insured person can get this grant for his/her marriage. 

How To Submit a Marriage Grant Application?

Visit your nearest labor office and submit your application to the district labor officer. He will forward your application after the checking to the worker welfare board. After the proper verification process of application, the Worker Welfare Board will forward your application to the Worker Welfare Fund. They will approve your documents and issue you a grant of marriage. 

You can check your EOBI card status on our EOBI Login free web portal. If you are not registered with EOBI social security program then you need to register first. After that, you can get numerous kinds of benefits like marriage grants, education grants, and death grants. But if you feel difficulty in this way then you can contact us.

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