Today EOBI Case Decision Announced By HC Islamabad

Today EOBI Case Decision Announced By HC Islamabad?

Lateef But and Ch. Muhammad Ashraf filed a writ petition against the EOBI employees that they are getting too much salary and other allowances that they don’t deserve. Writ petition no 3202/2022 title ( Ch. Muhammad Ashraf etc. vs. EOBI etc ) today has been decided by Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kiyani. IHC has rejected this EOBI case and announced a decision in favour of EOBI employees.  

Writ Petition No 3202

Another case of EOBI was fixed today in IHC. This EOBI case is about EOBI employees’ remaining bills and deductions from salary. The judge gave remarks that finalize this matter as soon as possible and put the report before the court before 2 May 2024. Now this case has been fixed for 2 May 2024. 

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