EOBI Chairman Stop Pensioners To Protest Tomorrow

EOBI Chairman Stop Pensioners To Protest Tomorrow

As the budget 2024-2025 is the nearest to be announced so therefore Retired Employee Welfare Association Institute always works for the benefit of their old age people because, in these uneconomical days, no old age employee can survive within 10000 rupees per month.

Newly appointed EOBI chairman Khaqan Murtaza is looking well-wisher for the benefit of his employees.

In this scenario head of department Institute of Retired Employee Welfare Association Muhammad Bashir along with all other members met with Eobi chairman Khaqan Murtaza.

They demanded that the old age pension should be increased up to 100% at least a 50% increase is necessary also explained the financial problems and worries of their old age employee.

The newly appointed chairman is looking for new changes in their institute to benefit their employees.

Chairman EOBI is demanding to the Government of Pakistan that in the budget 2024-2025, EOBI ‘s Funds should be increased.

Chairman also added that when the funds are increased in the budget then throughout the year according to the country inflation of prices should be adjusted accordingly and there will be no hesitation for employees they will never go on strike nor they will wait for the upcoming budget.

I hope there’s a chance that this time something good will happen and all the efforts of employees and employee’s old age benefit institutions will be fruitful.

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