Is EOBI Employee Treated Well

Is EOBI Employee Treated Well?

It’s a reality that many EOBI or private workers in Pakistan need to be treated well by owners of private organizations. They work long without any breaks or rest but don’t get health care or enough pensions. This happens to many people who work on petrol pumps, miners, and security guards.

Is EOBI Employee Treated Well

Imagine that when you work hard all day and don’t take some rest or enough payment to live a better life. It’s too much tough. 

Government and employers must make the best policies and follow the rules for the betterment of EOBI employees. Workers need to know their basic rights and ask for their rights. 

Every worker should be treated fairly, especially those who do hard work all day. So, let’s all work together to make sure get well treatment or the facilities they need. 

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