Is EOBI Ending Pension Disbursement From Bank Al Falah?

EOBI ending pension disbursement from Bank Al Falah in August 2024. EOBI will decide to contact Bank Al Falah or any other bank after August 2024, the new bank name is not declared by the EOBI authority. EOBI signed pension disbursement with Bank Al Falah in May 2016 by the president and prime minister of Pakistan. 

Earlier, the EOBI management was working with the National Bank of Pakistan and Tameer Microfinance Bank.  But after a few EOBI handed over all the pension disbursement or transfer contracts with Bank al Falah. Bank al Falah is providing a free account opening facility and free EOBI ATM card service to the EOBI pensioners. 

Is EOBI Ending Pension Disbursement From Bank Al Falah

It is mandatory things for every account holder to do biometric verification at the time of account opening. But after six months Bank calls the beneficiary for re-verification of his thumb. The verification process takes some time to make your account fully functional. After this process, you can withdraw your pension from any branch of Bank Al Falah. 

EOBI has registered almost 0.503 million pensioners in its system. Now the latest EOBI pension is 10,000 rupees for all the EOBI registered employees. They can get some other benefits from this EOBI program. 

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