EOBI Mega Corruption Case Latest Update

2 billion 70 crore rupees corruption has been revealed in EOB. In the federal inquiry, Imran Mohsin was found guilty of causing damage to the institution at the time of his appointment as Deputy Director of Reconciliation. 

According to the sources, Imran Mohsin was appointed as Director of Coordination, when he was Deputy Director of Reconciliation, due to his negligence, 2 billion 70 crores of EOBI remained in the bank for many years due to which the department lost billions of rupees. 

On which the Human Resource Department of EOBI constituted an inquiry committee on 30th April 2021 and ordered a complete investigation. An inquiry was made and the then DG operation wrote that the department had suffered due to Imran Mohsin’s negligence. 

EOBI Mega Corruption Case Latest Update

The then Chairman of DDG International Audit was ordered to submit a report within seven days. But he used influence to make the report disappear.

According to sources, another mega corruption scandal is related to Korangi Regional when Imran Mohsin appointed his right-hand Ali Anwar Jamali in the Korangi Region. 

Ali Anwar Jamali, who was the regional head of Hyderabad during the time of former chairman Zafar Iqbal Gondal, also conducted an inquiry against him at that time, but he also used influence to stop the inquiry. Ali Anwar Jamali came to Korangi region. 

He made the bribery market hot and against the orders of DDGB&C One, he issued 11 demand notes of different companies, on December 31, 2023, the report of all the regions was seen, Korangi region had the highest demand, while Companies used to be demanded by Ali Anwar Jamali, they were demanded by fewer people  

The proof of this is in the documents. Ali Anwar Jamali fed other people’s money as a bribe to himself and Imran Mohsin so that Imran could continue to cooperate with him. Apart from this, he received crores of rupees in bribes by waiving the fines of big companies in the revised rate, which include Akhtar Textiles, City School, Mediat Pharma etc.

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