Worker's Salaries And Pension Updates

EOBI Pension And Worker’s Salaries Updates

Workers have demanded that their pension and salaries should be increased up to 50% in public as well as private sectors. This demand was made before the federal as well as provincial governments so that in the forthcoming budget this increase has been made effective. This was done because due to unprecedented price hikes in the country and within small amounts, it’s impossible to survive.

Worker's Salaries And Pension Updates

On Wednesday at a press conference at the labour hall in Lahore General Khursheed Ahmed, the secretary of the trade union also held a meeting with cooperation by the Pakistan Federation. In this meeting, he appealed to the Government and semi-government to raise the salaries as well as pensions of their workers such as gas companies, WAPDA, railways, media, banks and EOBI at the rate of 50pc in the coming budget.

Secretary of Trade union also demanded that the government should regulate the daily wages of persons, ad hoc labour, and many other people for their safe future and the safety of their work palace.

He also urged that the amendment should be made in the rules and laws of government so that the ban should be lifted from the trade union in railway, electricity companies, and Nadra.

The government of Pakistan should review the decision that has been made against the welfare and benefits of old age employees and pensioners and the government should stop privatization of schools, colleges, and hospitals.

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