Grounds For Rejection Of EOBI Pension Application And What To Do After Rejection

EOBI Pension Application Rejection And What To Do?

For a widow or any other heirs of a deceased EOBI pensioner applying for EOBI pension benefits is a complex and challenging process. One of the painful and disheartening times is when you hear the EOBI pension application rejection news from the authority. 

However, it’s essential to understand that denial or rejection of pension applications does not mean the end of your entitlement to EOBI benefits. In this blog, you will read the reason for the rejection of the pension application and you will also learn what to do after the rejection of the EOBI pension application. 

Grounds For Rejection Of EOBI Pension Application And What To Do After Rejection

Grounds For Application Rejection?

On the following grounds, your pension application can be rejected. 

Incomplete Documentation

EOBI need some specific documentation for the process of pension benefits or pension applications. Commonly EOBI include marriage certificates, identification papers, and proof of relationship with a deceased pensioner or employee. If one of these documents is incomplete or missing then your pension application may be rejected by the EOBI program. 

Eligibility Criteria

EOBI has some strict eligibility criteria that every EOBI applicant needs to meet for the approval of a pension application. If you are a widow you must be the legal spouse of the EOBI deceased employee or fulfil the EOBI rules and regulations. If you do not fulfil this criteria then your pension application may be rejected. 

Contributory Requirements

EOBI pension depends on contribution which is deducted from the deceased employee’s pay during the employment. If a deceased employee did not contribute to pension funds or did not meet the minimum pension contribution requirement then in this case your pension application may be rejected by authority. 

Legal Issues

Resolve any legal dispute or any other conflicting issue which affects the legal status of the deceased pensioner or inheritance right. Legal issues can delay your pension application or lead to rejection of the application.

Doubt Or Discrepancies

You need to provide correct information about which pension application process. You must put the correct relationship with the deceased employee or other necessary information. If doubt or discrepancies are found in it then the pension application may be rejected. 

What To Do After Rejection Of Pension Application?

Due to one of the above-mentioned reasons your pension application was rejected by the EOBI program then you need to take the following steps to get your pension. 

Review Rejection Letter

First of all, you need to review the rejection letter from the EOBI department and find out the specific reason for rejection. 

Resolve Issues

Take steps to resolve the issues mentioned in the EOBI rejection letter. It might include some additional documentation, verifying information, or legal disputes between inheritance. 

Take Help

If you are unsure and don’t know about the reasons for rejections and how to resolve them. Then you need to get help from a legal advisor any EOBI representative or any social worker. 

Reapply Now

Once you resolve the issues which are mentioned in the EOBI letter. You need to reapply now to get pension benefits. Make sure all necessary information is provided and your application is submitted accurately. 

Final Thought

If you are facing pension application rejection then you need to follow the above process of addressing the issue and reapply for getting a pension. Your application might be fully approved by the EOBI program. What are EOBI benefits and Grants?

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