Today EOBI Decided A Widow's Pension Case

Today EOBI Gave Decision On A Widow’s Pension Application

Uzma Ahmed, the widow of late pensioner Ahmedullah Khan, filed an appeal in the Regional Appellate Karachi against the decision not to get a monthly pension. It has been decided that the widow Uzma Ahmed should be paid her late husband’s pension for the last 10 years. 

In this regard, former EOBI Public Relations Officer Israr Ayubi said that under the EOBI Act, the registered worker or the insured employee has the right to appeal in three stages for his right. Under which the affected persons can apply for revision under Section 34, 35 and Section 34 of the EOBI Act before the Appellate Authority established in Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad.

The Appellate Authority hears the appeals of the pensioners by going to their cities on their turn. No fee or lawyer must file an appeal before the Appellate Authority of EOBI. Just based on simple paper, necessary documents and evidence, justice is provided to the aggrieved petitioner. The Appellate Authority pronounces a decision on merit after hearing the affected petitioner and EOBI officers. 

Thousands of retired employees of Pakistan have gotten justice due to the unsound decisions of the Appellate Authority. According to EOBI, a widow is liable to pay a monthly pension after the death of her husband. Due to the lack of awareness of the law to the affected people due to the corrupt officers sitting in the regional offices of EOBI, the affected people are not given their rights as these officers go from their own pockets. 

Asrar Ayyubi said that if an employee dies during employment and his contribution is only 36 months, then his widow is also entitled to the deceased’s pension for the lifetime. As per law, a widow’s pension cannot be cancelled no matter how late the pension application is.

EOBI Chairman Khaqan Murtaza is a very kind and gentle person. Who, as soon as he assumed office, heard the pending pension applications in EOBI offices of different cities of the country and pronounced their decision in favor of the pensioners. Chairman EOB heard 300 appeals and decided on 220 appeals.

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