EOBI Pension Increase Latest Update

EOBI Pension Increase Latest Update

Today Federal minister met with chairman EOBI Khawan Murtaza in a meeting. The chairman has given a briefing on the EOBI pensioners issue and pension increase. 

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) is also encouraging the government to increase the monthly pension of EOBI. PPP has increased EOBI and government pensioners in its duration of government. 

EOBI Pension Increase Latest Update

The Government of Pakistan has decided to increase the pension of Eobi employees as this news was also published in the newspaper. In one newspaper suggestion was made to increase pension upto10% another suggestion was to increase 5000 rupees also one high court registered newspaper has published that pension can be increased up to 36000 rupees

The national newspaper of Pakistan always publishes authentic news not fake news because if they publish fake news then FiR can be launched against them.

There are reasonable sources of Eobi that can increase pension up to 10% or 5000 rupees but according to the current situation of Pakistan demand is to increase pension up to 36000 rupees.

The pensioners are on strike to increase their pension so in this scenario Government of Pakistan is nearer to announcing an increase which will be 10% or 5000 rupees and very soon good news will be heard.

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