EOBI Pension Increase Latest Update

EOBI Pension Increase Latest Update

EPWA and the Labour Federation are organizations that are raising EOBI employees’ issues before the government. These organizations are demanding a raise in the monthly pension of EOBI-registered employees equal to a retirement of government employee pension. 

EOBI Pension Increase Latest Update

They are also putting pressure on the government to increase the Employee old age benefits institution pension percentage to equal the salary and pension of government employees in the upcoming budget of 2024 and 2025. 

IMF has given a proposal to the government to end the pension and not raise the salary of government employees. People are thinking about ending of pension when the government ends govt employees’ pension then the next target will be the EOBI pension.

So EPWA and the Labour Federation are very active in this regard and demanding the government increase the EOBI employees’ pension in the upcoming budget. Because fluctuations in daily usage items are making pensioner’s life very difficult. Their lives are pushing below the poverty level. 

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