Is EOBI Pension Increased Up 10% To 12%

Is EOBI Pension Increased Up 10% To 12%?

An authentic source its confirmed that the government will increase government employee grade 1 to 15 monthly salary from 10% to 12% in the upcoming federal budget. This upcoming budget will also increase the 15% pension of government retired employees and EOBI pensioners. 

Is EOBI Pension Increased Up 10% To 12%

Contrary to previous times, the government received a proposal to reduce the incentive and other facilities of grade 16 to 22 officers of government departments. The government will increase the minimum salary of such officers. 

The finance department has created these proposals and now it depends on our government what they think about its implementation. The federal government will finalize the annual upcoming budget in the middle of this month before the arrival of the IMF mission. 

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