EOBI Pension & Government Pay Disbursement Notification

EOBI Pension & Government Pay Disbursement Notification?

Today Government and finance department have issued a notification dated 13 May 2024. In this notification, the government has announced pension and salary disbursement for May 2024. Because due to two gazetted holidays 1st June (Saturday)and 2nd June (Sunday), all banks will be closed on these days.

EOBI Pension & Government Pay Disbursement Notification

In this regard, the government has decided to give relief to their government & EOBI pensioners and employees in the shape of early disbursement of pension and salary.

So pension and salaries may be disbursed on Friday the 31st of May 2024. This decision has been made by the notification of the Government under5.1(1)(e), Punjab financial rules,vol-i

NOTE: All pensioners and employees are advised to get benefits from this notification and withdraw their pension as well as salaries earlier.

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