How Can EOBI Pensioners Get Negahban Rashan

How Can EOBI Pensioners Get Negahban Rashan?

Can EOBI pensioners get Negahban Rashan? Our government has announced that the government provides the Negahban Rashan scheme for poor families during Ramadan. Chief Minister Marium Nawaz Shareef said we can’t leave our poor and needy people alone during Ramadan. EOBI pensioners who are receiving a minimum amount of pension which can be 10,000 rupees or below. A private organization worker also falls into a poor-class family. 

How Can EOBI Pensioners Get Negahban Rashan?

Where To Get Negahban Rashan?

The Negahban Rashan program was launched in March 2024. The government will give Rashan to the doorstep of every eligible. You don’t need to go anywhere. In this case, EOBI pensioners get Negahban Rashan must submit an online application form for registration for the Negahban Rashan program. If you are eligible for this rashan program then the Rashan will be given at your door. 

Eligibility Criteria For EOBI Pensoner To Get Negahban Rahsan?

  • If your Poverty Measurement Score is around 30 or below
  • A pensioner is below the poverty line.
  • A pensioner hasn’t performed the Umerah and Haj. 
  • He hasn’t remained in government service.
  • When you can’t a loan from any bank.
  • He doesn’t need to drive.

What Documentation Required?

When an EOBI beneficiary is submitting the online application for the Negahban Rashan program. He must have the following documents. 

  • National Computerized Identity Card.
  • EOBI Pensioner’s Registration Number.
  • Full Address of pensioner.
  • Proof of monthly income if have any. 

Online Registration Procedure For Negahban Rashan?

Now come to the point Negahban registration program. Following is the step-by-step guide for registering for the Negahban program in 2024.

  • Open the official website of the Rashan program.
  • Create an account on the portal and give the necessary details like contact details, name, CNIC number, etc…
  • Make sure that your online registration application is correctly completed including your family financial position. 
  • Pension must scan and upload his supporting documents like a copy of his national identity card, proof of income, and some other information. 
  • Read out the full application very carefully and apply. 
  • View the status of your application through an online status-tracking tool.

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