EOBI Registration

EOBI registration process is mandatory for private organizations having 10 employees or more than 10 employees. However, an organization that has less than 10 employees can voluntarily register with this EOBI program.

EOBI-registered employees will get the following pension benefits after completing their service from a private organization as per the law of EOBI.

  • Invalidity Pension
  • Old-Age Pension
  • Old-Age Grants
  • Survivor’s Pension

With the help of the EOBI verification system, an employer can easily EOBI check by CNIC number of the employee.

Employer Online Registration With EOBI Program

If you want to register your private organization with the EOBI program for the benefit of your employees. Then you need to follow the below step-by-step guide to register with the EOBI scheme online.

  • Visit the EOBI official portal or click here.
  • After opening the portal scroll down and here you will see the EOBI facilitation system then click on it.
  • Now you will be redirected to a new page here you need to click on the Register Employer option.
Employer Online Registration With EOBI Program
  • Now on the next screen online employer registration form will open. Fill up the online registration form with your correct information.
Employer Online Registration form
  • Make sure you keep all the above information for the employer registration process.
    • Establishment Name: Complete the name of the organization which you want to register.
    • Establishment Type: Whether a local branch or head office is mentioned properly.
    • Male Employees: Mention the total number of male employees in your private organization.
    • Business Nature: Choose the nature of your business such as services, trade, or manufacture of items.
    • Female Employees: Mention the total number of females in your organization.
    • Total Employees: The system will automatically enter the numbers of employees from your male and female count.
    • Sector: Mention whether your organization is private or governmental.
    • Form Of Business: Select the exact form of your business Proprietorship, sole partnership, joint venture, or partnership-based.
    • Date Of Establishment: Write the date on which your business or organization was founded or established.
    • NTN No: Must enter the NTN number which is issued by FBR (Federal Board Of Revenue).
    • Business Type: Select your business type from the given list.
    • Applicant Name: Write the name of the contact person who is registering your business.
    • Designation: Write the designation of contacting person in your private organization.
    • Email: Write your email address for future use for correspondence.
    • Office Phone #: Write your organization’s official office phone number.
    • Mobile No: Write the mobile number of the government or private organization contacting the person.
    • Fax: Type the fax number of the organization which you want to register.
    • Office Website: Put the complete URL of your organization’s website.
    • Province: Choose the province name in which your organization or company is working.
    • City: Choose the city of your organization or company.
    • Address: Write the correct and complete address of your government or private company.
  • Do cross-verification before submitting the form to avoid any type of error.
  • The area highlighted with a red asterisk is optional to fill.
  • If you need help with the employer registration process or face any kind of error then you can contact the EOBI regional office.
  • Finally, now click on the submit button to proceed with your application form.
  • When you submit the form you will receive an email from the regional office after the approval.
  • Your registration case will be sent to DDG on the base of the selected city.
  • After approval, you will get your user ID, password and security key from EOBI through registered email.

Must save your login credentials for future access to EOBI using CNIC or user ID. Click here to check your EOBI account status with your CNIC number.

Create EOBI Profile

When your registration application is approved you will receive an email from the EOBI regional office. You need to create a profile then you can use the EOBI facilitation system. Now follow the below step-by-step guide to create an EOBI profile.

Create EOBI Profile
  • After clicking on the Create Profile button a new form will open then you need to fill up the following data in it.
  • Before creating an EOBI profile you must have a registration code and subcode (For branch office). Because you can’t use the EOBI facilitation system without this information.
  • All EOBI account data will be sent via email after approval of the employer registration application from the EOBI office.
EOBI Profile application form
  • Remember to follow the information you have before creating a profile for the EOBI facilitation system.
    • Name Of Establishment
    • EOBI Registration No ( Main Code )
    • Sub Office Code
    • Landline No. of Establishment
    • NTN No. of Establishment
    • Name of Authorized Person
    • CNIC of Authorized Person
    • Mobile No. of Authorized Person
    • Designation of Authorized Person
    • Authorized Email Address

EOBI Employee Registration

Employee registration with the EOBI program is very easy and simple, It is very important to avail of the pension benefits after retirement. You need to have the CNIC of the employee for EOBI login with the CNIC of the employee. Employee verification can be done through the EOBI official web portal. Following is the step-by-step guide to registering your employee with the EOBI program.

  • Visit EOBI’s official website or click here.
  • Click on EOBI Facilitation System.
  • Put your organization’s User ID & Password.
  • Then click Employee Section from the left corner of the page.
EOBI Employee Registration
  • Now click on “Register Employee
  • After clicking a new page will be open here you will see an application for employee registration known as Form PE01.
  • Here you will enter the CNIC Number of the employee which you want to register and then click on the Next to proceed.
EOBI Employee Registration
  • If the employee is already registered with EOBI then the EOBI number of that employee will be found and now you simply add him to your organization.
already registered with EOBI
  • If an employee is not registered with the EOBI program you must fill up the registration form and require the following information of the employee for the registration process.
    • Name
    • Father Name
    • Religion
    • Date Of Birth
    • Marital Status
    • Gender
    • Mobile Number
    • Email
    • Current And Permanent Address
    • Date Of Joining
  • After filling up the form with the correct information then click on the register employee button to proceed application.
Employee EOBI Registration Form
  • Your employee will be registered successfully with the EOBI pension program.

Now you can do an EOBI check of that registered employee.

Bulk Employees Registration Process

If your organization have multiple numbers of employee who are working in it then you need to do a bulk employee registration process. Following is the step-by-step process to do EOBI bulk registration for employees.

  • Visit Official website
  • Click on the EOBI facilitation system.
  • Click on the employee section from page left side.
  • Now click on the registered employee via file.
  • You will see the sample file option and click on it.
  • Download and Save it.
  • Keep the format of date of birth, date of joining, and date of exit like this “DD/MM/YYY”.
  • Add all information of new employees who you want to register according to the file format, save and close it.
  • If optional areas like NIC, cell number and email address are unavailable then leave the column empty.
  • Now upload the current file using the choose file option.

If you are an employee or private organization and want to check your EOBI registration status by using your CNIC number for eligibility for an EOBI pension. Then EOBI verification portal can help you with your EOBI by CNIC number.

Check EOBI Registration Criteria

If an employee wants to become an EOBI beneficiary then he needs to get registered with the EOBI network. employee old age benefits institution has some rules and regulations that every single employee needs to fulfil before he/she gets insured with this old age benefits institute program. Following are the rules and regulations for registration of the EOBI pension program. 

  • An employee has been serving in a private organization for 15 years.
  • An employee is working in a private sector or factory where at least 5 employees are working.

If you fulfil the following criteria of terms and conditions then congratulations you are eligible for the EOBI pension scheme. Following are some private sectors that are eligible for EOBI program registration. 

If you fulfil the following criteria of terms and conditions then congratulations you are eligible for the EOBI pension scheme. Following are some private sectors that are eligible for EOBI program registration. 

  • All private organization
  • Mechanical Workshop
  • Private Colleges & Schools
  • Mills
  • Private Factories

EOBI Registration Check

EOBI registration checks pension status online by CNIC. The advanced system of EOBI verification system will tell you whether you are a registered employee of EOBI or not. So it is a handy way for old employees to check EOBI registration online. We have designed a user-friendly interface web portal, so you can check your details without facing any problems. 

If you are doing internet suffering to check your EOBI pension status, you are at the right place. So we will assist you in checking your online pension status. Also, we will help you with the EOBI registration of employees in the pension program. 

EOBI Registration Check-In 2024

EOBI Registration Check With CNIC Number

  • Open www.eobi.gov.pk and click on the registration check option
  • Click on the EOBI login portal 
  • Now login to your account with your CNIC number and check the registration of the EOBI pension program.

EOBI Registration Process Online

Before starting the EOBI registration process you need to remember that EOBI does not accept the individual pension. Only those employers can apply for EOBI registration who have more 10 employees in their payroll. 

After the submission of your application for registration with the EOBI program, An officer in your area will visit your organization to check the number of employees working there. The EOBI concerned officer examines the financial position and submits his/her report to the regional head office for further processing of the application. 

After the approval of the regional head office will allot an EOBI Facilitation System access to such employer for the registration of his/her employees. Now EOBI refused to register the bulk employees. Also, stop accepting 3 months prior data, now every employer needs to register newcomer or existing employees within 3 months. 

EOBI Registration Methods

EOBI pension registration can be done through two methods. So you can choose one of them which you want. 

The most common and effective way of registering employees for EOBI pension is through the EOBI-registered employer. All the rules and regulations apply to your employer, and he will register you for this pension program. The EOBI-registered employer must contribute to the pension amount of pensioners. So you need to ask your employer for your registration with EOBI and pay a fixed amount for the employee pension contribution. However, it is your right to take contributions from your employer. 

  • An employer must pay 5% of the employee’s salary as a monthly pension contribution.
  • An employee must pay 1% of monthly salary as a pension contribution.

Are you worrying that your employer does not agree to pay a 5% contribution for your pension where you are working? Also your employer does not agree to register you with EOBI then you do not need to worry about this problem. You can register yourself through the manual registration method by following our setup by-setup guide. 

Registration For EOBI Pension
  • It would be best if you visited your regional EOBI pension office. EOBI has its regional offices in the big cities of Pakistan. 
  • The agent of the EOBI regional office will give you a registration form called the PE=02 form.
  • You need to fill up the form with your original or correct details like name, and address according to your CNIC organization details, your salary, etc…
  • Once your registration process is done you need to go regional office every month to pay your pension contribution. But if not want to visit the regional office every month then you can deposit your contribution through a bank transaction.

Final Thought

By reading this valuable article, you easily register with the EOBI pension program. Here we discussed two methods of registration for EOBI. So if you have a question about the pension registration process then send us your query.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When EOBI Established?

The EOBI program was launched in 1976 under the EOBI Act of 1976 and it was fully enforced in Pakistan on 01 April 1976.

How Can You Check EOBI Registration?

Visit the EOBI official web portal or click here, Then click on the “insured person/Employee Details” option, and a new window will open, here enter your EOBI number or employee CNIC number and click on the green arrow button. Your EOBI registration status will be opened and here you can see your all details.

How To Apply For EOBI Registration?

Open the EOBI official website, and scroll down to click on the EOBI facilitation system now click on the “Register Employer” option. A new page with the registration form will show, fill up the form with your correct information and click on the submit button. After the proper verification from EOBI, your registration application will be approved by the regional EOBI office.

How To Create An EOBI Profile?

Before creating an EOBI profile you must have an EOBI registration code. Click here to create an EOBI profile. A new page will show and click on the “Create Profile” button. A new form will open fill up the form with correct information and click on the submit button.

Who Can Apply For EOBI Registration?

Every employer who has 10 or more 10 employees in his organization and this is mandatory to register with the EOBI program. However, if employers have less than 10 workers they can apply for voluntary registration with the EOBI program.

Is EOBI Registration Compulsory For Employers?

Yes! If organization employers have 10 or more 10 workers in their organization then it’s necessary to register with the EOBI program.

What Is Monthly EOBI Fee/ Contribution Rate?

Monthly contribution for Employers @ 5 % of the employee’s minimum wage.
Monthly contribution or fee for Employee @ 1 % of the employee minimum wage.
The total Contribution or fee per worker is 5% + 1% = 6% Per Month which is given to EOBI for the pension program.