EOBI Tracking

EOBI tracking allows private employees to check their EOBI pension details free online. Every private employee can easily check whether he/she is registered with EOBI or not.  It is a necessary thing for an employee who wants to get benefits from the EOBI pension scheme. 

How To Do EOBI Tracking?

In this helping guide, you can do EOBI tracking pension details by using your EOBI number or CNIC number.

  • Visit EOBI official Website.
  • Now you will see the individual information option.
  • Here you will find two different options.
  • Ensured person/Employee details.
  • Pension Claim Status.
  • You must click on the insured person/employee details option.
  • Here you will find three different options.
  • You can track your pension details by using your CNIC number or by entering your EOBI number to log in and check your pension status free online.

However, if you need EOBI tracking, first of all, you must do the EOBI Registration process to get the EOBI pension program. 

EOBI Tracking - Check Pension Details

How Can You Check EOBI Registration?

After the registration procedure, you can check whether you are registered with this EOBI or not. Very easy and simple process to check your registration by logging in to your EOBI ID with a user password. 

  • Visit www.eobi.gov.pk /report/employment_History.iface.
  • Now put your CNIC number or EOBI number.
  • You can also provide your old CNIC number to log in to your account. 
  •  If you log in successfully to your account then you are registered with the EOBI pension program. 
  • And, if you see any kind of error then you must repeat the registration process once again.

How To Get An EOBI Card?

First of all, you need to register yourself with EOBI, and then you will be eligible to get an EOBI card. It is a certificate for you that now you are part of the EOBI program. You can fill out the full registration form by entering your correct information and then submit it online for approval. After the approval of registration, you will get an EOBI card at your mailing address. 

How To Get An EOBI Card?

How Much Pension I Will Get After The Retirement?

EOBI provides a minimum pension of 10,000 rupees to every registered employee.  It is a minimum pension rate that every retired employee gets after the time of retirement. It can fluctuate because it’s calculated on the minimum wage of the employee in Pakistan. The maximum amount can be calculated based on working hours, average salary, and other factors. You can check pension increase news by following our news section.  

How Much Pension I Will Get After The Retirement?