Govt Imposing Taxes On EOBI Pensioners

Govt Imposing Taxes On EOBI Pensioners?

In a meeting, an association member noticed the tax proposal against the pensioners to please the IMF and warned that if this were enforced, the Government would be liable for any public reaction. 

Govt Imposing Taxes On EOBI Pensioners

The meeting, conducted by the head of the association Mohammad Aslam Butt, judged that the bureaucrats negotiating with the IMF team were making scapegoats for all government and private retired employees for their financial mismanagement.

Mr. Butt also said that the association demands the government shorten extravagant expenses to raise income instead of creating difficulties for retired EOBI employees.

Pension is only one source of income for retired employees. If govt will imposes taxes on pensioners to please the IMF, Then pensioners’ lives will be more difficult to survive. 

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