Pakistan People's Party Demanding To Increase Pension

Pakistan People’s Party Demanding To Increase Pension

The EPWA and Labour Foundation are the two concerned institutes that always talk about the benefits and welfare of Employee old age pensioners. Pakistan People’s Party also always talks about the welfare of pensioners. Before announcing the forthcoming budget, Pakistan People’s Party leader Asif Ali Zardari also favours EOBI pensioners.

These two concerned social welfare foundations are demanding to the Government that private retired employee’s pensions be increased to 30,000 rupees. Every year when the budget is announced the same increment should be added to pensioner’s pensions as the increment is added to employee’s salary.

IMF also interferes in the budget announcement because before the announcement of the budget every year IMF policies are made and the Government of Pakistan has to follow these strict policies. The Government should increase pensions up to 100%, 50% or 40% according to IMF policies because when the Government increases pensions to a maximum level with at least a 40% annual increment then in this way the pensioners will get relief also IMF Policies should be followed.

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