EOBI Including Medical Allowance In Pension

EOBI Including Medical Allowance In Pension?

EOBI is including medical allowance in monthly pension for its registered employees.

Through authentic sources, this news is received that the government is increasing the EOBI pension in the upcoming June 2024 budget. 

EOBI Including Medical Allowance In Pension

The government will increase pensions equal to the pay of govt employees. Pension may rise 10% to 15% on budget 2024.

We need more than this increase in pension if we observe the price of daily life items. 

The decision of a medical grant is an appreciating act if the government includes it in the monthly pension.

Many old EOBI pensioners are suffering from different diseases and they haven’t enough money to get their medicine.

With a medical stipend, they can get reasonable treatment and medicine

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