EOBI New Chairman

Khaqan Murtaza Appointed As New EOBI Chairman [Breaking News]

A retired military officer who was previously the Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Ft. Lt. Khaqan Murtaza, has been appointed as the chairman of the Employees’ Old-age Benefits Institution (EOBI) this year.

A notification issued by the Cabinet Secretariat, Establishment Division, on April 19, declared that the government authorized the posting and appointment of Ft. Lt. Khaqan Murtaza (retired), a BS-21 officer of the Pakistan Administrative Service. It is mentioned that he has been designated as the chairman of the Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development Division’s EOBI.

EOBI Has Appointed a New Chairman

The news is circulating in the media in Pakistan that Eobi has changed its chairman. It made a new change in the EOBI by appointing Khaqan Murtaza as the new chairman of the employee old age benefits institution.

He is a very efficient person, and the officer of scale 21 served at many designations and departments, like being the chairman of the employee old age benefits institution and performing in different positions in the employee old age benefits department. Dr. Arshad Malik remained chairman of EOBI before the appointment of Khaqan Murtaza. Check EOBI EID Update.

EOBI New Chairman

He also remained the president of the Board of Trustees for overseas Pakistan, but he enjoyed his post as chairman only for three months.

Khaqan Murtaza also plays a key role in the success and progress of the old-age pension department. He has the guts to deal with every situation professionally and sort out the problems in an intellectual way. The new chairman is ready to perform his duties in this new department for the betterment of the people.

Khaqan Murtaza Crackdown Against Corrupt Officers

A new chairman of EOBI Khaqan Murtaza begins to take action against all the corrupt officers in the EOBI department. He started a crackdown on them to clean up the old-age benefit institutions from them.

His mission is to make the EOBI program an effective and beneficial institution for the welfare of the people.

He takes severe action against all the officers who are using the funds of EOBI retired employees and also using the office vehicles for their personal use. He cracks down on those officers in the department who are not doing their duties honestly.

Various officers were affected by his actions and orders, including Sukhan Iliyas, Deputy Director of P&C Islamabad; Qadeer Ahmad, Deputy Director of P&C Lahore; Abraiz Zaffar, Deputy Director of Law Department Head Office Karachi; and Muhammad Naeem Shokat, Deputy Director of F&A Department Head Office Karachi.

Play a Great Role in Increasing the EOBI Pension

Khaqan Murtaza also plays a key role in increasing the EOBI pension. He met with the federal minister to give him a briefing on the EOBI pensioners issue and pension increases. He explained the importance of increasing the pension to facilitate the elderly at this age.

He also conducted a meeting with Chief Minister Punjab, Marium Nawaz Shareef, during her visit to the EOBI office in Lahore. Explain all the issues and problems the EOBI employees are facing regarding the pension.

He told her that the EOBI employees’ pension is less than that of other government departments. Charman EOBI also makes her agree to announce the big increase in the EOBI pension in the coming budget.

Chairman EOBI Khaqan Murtaza is a competent person and suits this position. He is willing to bring about positive changes in the department that prove beneficial for the welfare of people and the country.

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