Rs 5000 Pension Increase In 2024 Budget

Rs 5000 Pension Increase In 2024 Budget?

The government has two proposals for EOBI pensions first is a 10% pension raise and the second is a 5000 increase in EOBI pension

Rs 5000 Pension Increase In 2024 Budget

You all know that Budget 2024 is coming in June 2024. All government employees’ salaries and pensions are increasing up to 12% to 15% in the next budget. The government ordered 10,000 pensions to every EOBI pensioner in budget 2023. Now the government has decided to give a big relief to EOBI pensioners in the next budget. Also check: BISP 8171 and ehsaas program.

Social welfare EPWA and some other federations are struggling with the EOBI pension increase. Because with this 10,000 pension amount, it is very difficult for pensioners to buy daily use things. 

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  1. Bod eobi
    Please we are also living in pak.look at our pension we can manage our expenses sorry to say that this is joke.we are poor people please consider minimum Rs15000/we pray for this department and BOD.

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