Pension Increase Rs 5,000 Latest Update 2024

Pension Increase Rs 5,000 Latest Update 2024

On 7th June 2024, the budget for the years 2024-2025 will be announced and a few days remain from this special day. All the pensioners and salary holders are waiting for surprising good news from the Government of Pakistan that the 7th of June should be a day of joy and happiness for Eobi pensioners.

At least a 50% increment is expected from the Government of Pakistan which will become a total of 15000 rupees per month after a 5000 rupees increment. Although after a 50% increase, Eobi pensioners will get no relief because in these critical days when prices of everything are talking to the sky even 5000 rupees are like 50 rupees in 2024.

The confirmation of this news of a 50% increase will be cleared on the 7th of June ceremony when the budget will be announced.

The chairman of Eobi Khaqan Murtaza is also worried for his old age pensioners that their sole dependence is on pension because they have to buy expensive medicine and all other necessary things for their survival and within 10000 rupees it’s impossible to manage all necessities of life.

In this scenario, chairman Eobi has transferred six different officials who were not in favor of old age pensioners so that modifications can be done for the pension increment

As a result of so many strikes from EPWA and other old-age pensioners throughout every nook and corner of the country, the Government of Pakistan will take a bold step on the 7th of June 2024…

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