Pensioners Decide To Protest Against Government...

Pensioners Decide To Protest Against Government…

SWABI: Government workers or employees decide to hold a very peaceful protest against proposed pension reforms before the KPK assembly in Peshawar on 29 May 2024.

The decision was held in a meeting which was held on Tuesday 21 May 2024. Representatives of different organizations in SWABI attended government employee meetings. 

The central president of PWF Shoukat Ali Anjum lead the meeting at Bacha Khan Teaching Hospital SWABI. 

Pensioners Decide To Protest Against Government...

All participants declared that they would not permit the government to exploit them. They also said that government employees were targeted in the past time on the name of pension reforms. But now they would not tolerate this injustice and cruelty. 

Everyone agreed to participate in this peaceful protest and all the employees of district SWABI would gather on Anbar Interchange at 9:AM on Wednesday 29 May. 

They will protest against the decision of the Government about notification of the service structure of local government, imposing a tax on all kinds of pensioners in the upcoming budget 2025-2025 who are already struggling financially. 

Speaking at a meeting on Tuesday and later said that our Government had failed to control the back-breaking inflation. They also discuss the international money funds’s conditions for imposing the tax on pensioners. 

Abdul Latif, a representative of old pensioners, said that our Government is fully trying to collect extra money to meet the IMF’s conditions. However, this could push the poor people to bankruptcy, and make a difficult condition for them to survive. 

All the pensioners of the Government department or EOBI are already struggling with inflation, and are hoping that the government will give them relief in the upcoming budget. But our government decided to put more burden on them. This decision will be murdering old pensioners.

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