Government Adjust Pensioners Medical Allowance Or Increase Pension 200%

Government Adjust Pensioners Medical Allowance Or Increase Pension 200%

Medical expenses without any control are rising daily; on the other hand, the medical allowance of old age pensioners and other employees has been revised for almost 10 years. In this situation, it’s tough for EOBI pensioners and Government employees to cope with skyrocketing costs. In this situation, urgent adjustment is required so that all the pension may not be vested only in medical expenditure.

The Government of Pakistan should take a serious step to ensure a proper check and balance with the inflation rate and medical expenses. When prices of different useful things are increased then automatically with the same ratio EOBI as well as other employee’s pensions will increase with the same ratio.

The financial burden of old age pensioners will be reduced when there are special efforts to give relief pensioners in fuel, food, medicine, travelling and rent of train and other transport. If the Government of Pakistan cannot increase their pension according to their current demand then the Government should give them relief in subsidized healthcare and utility bills

The Government of Pakistan can issue old age pensioners cards to provide them relief in every aspect of life because pensioners have devoted themselves their whole lives and only a little bit of favour is their superior right otherwise their pension should be increased up to 200%.

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