Pensioners Protest Against Regional Director EOBI Hyderabad

Pensioners Protest In Front Of EOBI Regional Office Hyderabad

Women workers are protesting against the injustices of EOBI as employees do not get pensions for 13-13 years due to their incompetence. In front of the EOBI regional office in Hyderabad, widows and women workers have strongly protested against the injustices of the regional director of EOBI. 

The President of the Action Committee Umbreen Zubaidah Begum, the General Secretary of the Silver Cotton Workers Union Muhammad Azhar and others led the protest.

The protestors said that according to the law, a pension should be paid to their pensions after 45 days of retirement. However, due to corrupt officers and employees, pension is not paid to hardworking employees for 13-13 years.

The workers also said they are deprived of pension by putting unnecessary objections on their pension application files And a huge bribe is demanded from them.

They further said that if the regional director and office staff of EOBI Hyderabad do not change their attitude toward the old retired workers, then they should meet with Chairman EOBI Khaqan Murtaza and inform him about the corruption of the Hyderabad EOBI regional office. 

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