All Pensioners Reject 10% Increase In Pension

All Pensioners Reject 10% Increase In Pension

KPK Government presented its annual budget 2024 on Friday, announcing a 10% increase in pay of private sector employees and the same percentage in pension amount. 

On Saturday, many people posted on social media platforms that lawmakers increased their perks and privileges, increasing only 10% in employees’ salaries and EOBI pensioners’ pension. 

In this budget, the monthly allowances of advisers and ministers are being increased from Rs 70,000 to Rs 200,000. Similarly, the decoration and renovation budget has also increased from Rs 0.5 million to Rs 10 lakh.

In this announcement, government employees and pensioners said that we have been left helpless to deal with this high inflation.

Amjad Ali Tarakai, the provincial president of Mulgari Ustazan, said that the allowances of the secretariat employees had been increased and their charter of necessity had not been tampered with. “It is injustice against which all public sector workers will protest in front of the KPK assembly on May 29”.

Pakistan Workers Federation (PWF) Central President Shaukat Ali Anjum said that the minimum monthly salary of daily wage workers should be 50 thousand rupees.

CM KPK Ali Ameen Gandapur thinks that there is no inflation in Pakistan. He did not even know that the plight of needy workers was critical.

He also said that the workers are being instigated to launch a vigorous campaign against the government.

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