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Today Solar Panel Price in Pakistan With Plates [Latest July 2024]

The device that converts sunlight into electricity is called a solar panel. in the modern era where advanced technology has already taken its place due to innovation in every field of life to provide comfort to humans.

Solar panels are a great invention that provides people with the convenience of electricity by using a big source of light, the sun that is available for free. Scientists utilize this free source of energy and light to create electricity to facilitate people.

The price of solar panel in Pakistan vary from time to time because they depend on rising electricity and oil costs. The grade and quality play an important role in the price of solar panels. As much as the electricity demand is rising, the demand for solar panels is also rising in the country.

We can say that it is a one-time investment that provides you with long-term benefits. The summer in Pakistan is very long, which is why solar panels work very well in this country.

Solar Panel Price in Pakistan range from 28000 to 30000, depending on the brands. The shortage of electricity in the country gives a great boost to the consumption of solar panels. It is like a hope for the people of Pakistan in the form of a reasonable source of electricity.

solar panel price

It is very difficult for people to survive in such hot weather without electricity and continue their work. In this way, solar panels give them a sigh of relief because they prove to be a sustainable solution to energy generation. The prices of Doart solar panels in Pakistan vary from 26000 to 30000, depending on different companies. Also visit: GAMCA Medical Status and AIOU Solved Assignments.

In the same way, you can see that the price of Panasonic solar panels ranges from 8500 to 30000 in Pakistan.

Plate NameWattPrice of Solar Plate (Single)
Maysun540 Watt Grade A 5619560 Pkr
Longi500 Watts Single Glass A Grade 5821937 Pkr
Jinko555 Watts Single Glass A Grade 5521170 Pkr
Jinko550 Watts Single Glass A 5421937 Pkr
Doart550 Watts A Grade 5021937 Pkr
Longi550 Watts Single Glass A 5821937 Pkr
Logni555 Watts Single Glass A 5621937 Pkr
ZN Shine545 Watts Single 5520257 Pkr
JA540 Watts Double Glass 5620440 Pkr
JA540 Watts Single Glass A 54 20440 Pkr

Solar Panels in the World for Residential and Commercial Installations

We find that scientists are still showing their creativity in providing the best solar panels and making them more efficient and useful for people. The process of making these solar panels depends on the quality of the plates.

Different companies make the best solar panels, especially for residential and commercial installations. The best solar panels that are very popular on international levels, such as SunPower Solar Panels, REC Solar, LG Solar Panels, Panasonic Solar Panels, Silfab, Canadian Solar Solar Panels, SolarWorld Solar Panels, Jinko Solar Panels, Q-Cells Solar Panels, and Trina Solar Solar Panels.

There are also a lot of solar panels available in the Pakistani market that are made especially for residential and commercial installations. The solar panels of 540w, 545w, and 550w half-cut mono perc are very popular in the Pakistani solar market. Different companies are playing their role in providing people with the best solar panels, including

  • JinkoSolar Panels – (Efficiency :22.24%) – ( Paksolar Renewable Energy Used In Solar Projects )
  • Canadian Solar Panels – (Efficiency :21.6%) – ( Paksolar Renewable Energy Used In Solar Projects )
  • Longi Solar Panels – (Efficiency :21.3%) – ( As Per Customer Demand )
  • Trina Solar Panels – (Efficiency :21.6%) – ( As Per Customer Demand )
  • JA Solar Panels – (Efficiency :21%) – ( As Per Customer Demand )
  • LG Solar Panels – (Efficiency :21.4%) – ( As Per Customer Demand )
  • Hyundai Solar Panels – (Efficiency :20.9%) – ( As Per Customer Demand )
  • ZN Shine Solar Panels – (Efficiency :19.72%) – ( As Per Customer Demand )
  • Talesun Solar Panels – (Efficiency :19.6%) – ( As Per Customer Demand )
  • Sunpower Solar Panels – (Efficiency :20.0%) – ( As Per Customer Demand )

The process of installation is not easy. You have to pay proper attention when making the plan for the installation of solar panels, like:

  • You must have a wide and open surface area with a lot of sun for the solar panels. There should be no restriction between the solar panels and sunlight, so you have to clear the space.
  • All the important and required things must be present, like batteries, photovoltaic panels, energy meters, charge controllers, electrical wiring, mounting hardware, racking systems, inverters, and heat sinks.
  • Clear the surface where you have to install the solar panels. Measure the area and use the chalk to create a guideline for your convenience.
  • You have to connect your solar panels with the other material, then place it in its proper place and connect the required wires to it.
  • You have to install the heat sink in the AC because it is very important to reduce the amount of heat that is produced by the panels.
  • Between the panels, you have to charge the controller to send the electricity.
  • To store the extra electricity, you have to install the battery so that you can easily save the extra energy to use later.
  • You must install the power converter to convert DC to AC to run home electricity.
  • An energy meter is very essential to check the amount of energy that is produced and install it accordingly.
  • You should check the electric wiring before connecting the solar system, then connect the power inverter to the electrical panel. After that, you can easily turn on your system.

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