Is Sugar Mills Offer 150,000 Rupees Bonus To EOBI Employees?

All sugar mills offer 150,000 rupees bonus to EOBI employees working in industries. Every sugar industry gives various bonuses to its working EOBI-registered employees. But bonuses and 5% profits of the sugar industry are distributed among these employees. All sugar industries provide these benefits to their employees at the end of the crushing season. 

Every EOBI registered employee can get 5% of the profit which will be different but most sugar industries have given 150,000 to each worker. But 5% amount is minimum for permanent employees. 

Is Sugar Mills Offer 150,000 Rupees Bonus To EOBI Employees?

Bonus is also different for each employee some permanent employees can get a maximum amount of bonus and daily wages employees get a minimum amount of bonus which is fixed by the sugar industry administration. Some sugar industries give 2, 5, or 10 bonuses to their working employees. 

This bonus and 5% benefits are given to workers at the end of every crushing season. When the sugar factory owner gets much profits from his crushing season then he gives some benefits to his employees. 

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