Tractor Price in Pakistan

Tractor Price in Pakistan – New July 2024 List [Model/Horse Power]

Tractors are the backbone of the country’s economy because they play a vital role in the agricultural sector of Pakistan. Pakistan is an agricultural country whose economy’s large part depends on it. That is why the demand for the tractors is increasing day by day.

Multiple brands and companies are working in Pakistan to provide its farmers with quality tractors according to their requirements.

Tractor production in Pakistan depends on the horsepower of the tractor. You can find different tractors in the range of Rs 2200000 to Rs. 4600000 in this country. The value of US dolls is on the rise in Pakistan, which influences the prices of tractors.

Tractor Price in Pakistan

The Pakistani rupee was devalued during the past few years, which affected the prices of tractors. As a result, the tractors in the country set new records for all-time high prices. You can get the prices in Pakistani rupees of different brands of tractors on this site. Different brands have different prices that depend on the horsepower and quality of the tractors.

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Millat Tractors is one of the best tractor brands in the country. It is also called the leader in the tractor industry. It has more than 50% of the total tractor sales in the tractor market. Millat introduced the MF385-85HP tractor, which is the high-selling model of this company in Pakistan. You can see the latest prices of tractors from this company. Also check Solar Price in pakistan.

Model NameHorsepower (HP)Price (PKR)
MF 240502,086,000
MF 260602,280,000
MF 360 2WD602,525,000
MF 360 4WD603,765,000
MF 375 2WD753,215,000
MF 375 4WD754,530,000
MF 385 2WD853,416,000
MF 385 4WD854,795,000

(AGTL) Al-Ghazi Tractor Ltd. is one of the most established tractor companies in our country. All the tractor models of this company have been prepared using New Holland technology. That is why their tractors have very strong engine power, which increases the efficiency of their models.

Pakistan dares to produce cheap and affordable tractors with good efficiency, which is why foreign countries prefer Pakistan to buy these tractors. The latest Al Ghazi tractor prices for 2024 are available here.

Model NameHorsepower (HP)Price (PKR)
NH 480S551,800,000
NH 480 Power Plus552,100,000
NH 640752,550,000
NH 640S852,800,000
NH Ghazi652,300,000
NH 60-56853,100,000
NH Dabung853,250,000

Belarus Tractors fall into the third position in the tractor industry in Pakistan. It is a very popular Russian tractor company, and a joint venture between them has a signed license agreement. This agreement allows them to supply and service these Belarus tractors in the country without any difficulty. The prices of tractor models in this company are high because the Pakistani currency has devalued. The latest prices for these tractors are as follows:

Model NameHorsepower (HP)Price (PKR)
Belarus 510572,100,000
Belarus 520622,350,000
Belarus 820813,100,000
Belarus 920903,500,000
Belarus 952953,750,000
Belarus 10251054,200,000

ATS Tractor is an England brand that is now manufactured in Pakistan as well. This brand is also serving in the field of tractor spare parts business in Pakistan. You find only one single-model tractor that has four types of varieties. It is also a popular tractor industry, and the latest price list is as follows:

Model NameHorsepower (HP)Price (PKR)
ATS 349501,850,000
ATS 450552,100,000
ATS 550652,400,000
ATS 750752,800,000
ATS 850853,200,000
ATS 950953,500,000

Euro Ford Tractors are also very popular in the tractor industry in Pakistan. There are two companies, Hattat and HEMA, that are providing and manufacturing Euro Ford Tractors in Turkey. They used the technology of FIAT and New Holland tractors jointly in these tractors.

Tumosan is a new diesel-type tractor that was recently launched in Pakistan. Now PM Autos Industry belongs to the Pirani Group, which takes on the responsibility of assembling the Euro Ford tractors so that they can provide the agricultural people with quality machinery in the form of these tractors. They have their plants in Hyderabad and Sindh in Pakistan.

Model NameHorsepower (HP)Price (PKR)
Euro Ford 3230552,200,000
Euro Ford 3600602,450,000
Euro Ford 3840752,800,000
Euro Ford 4630853,300,000
Euro Ford 5030953,750,000
Euro Ford 60301054,200,000

The YTO Tractor Company belongs to China. Its heavy machinery is produced in China. The basic products of this company are Their main products are wheel tractors, crawler tractors, combine harvesters, tractor tools, road rollers, industrial bulldozers, loaders, and diesel engines. They are also providing their products in different countries in Asia, Europe, and America.

Zuras General, a UAE-based company, is the dealer for this tractor in Asia. In Pakistan, Tradimpex Group launched this product in the country in July because it is an agent of Zuras General. European technology is used in the manufacturing of these tractors, which is why they are the best-imported machines in Pakistan. The latest prices for these tractors are

Model NameHorsepower (HP)Price (PKR)
YTO X804803,200,000
YTO X904903,500,000
YTO X954953,750,000
YTO X10041004,100,000
YTO X12041204,600,000
YTO X13041305,000,000

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