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VULMS Student Login – Step By Step Portal Guide [July 2024]

VULMS LOGIN (Learning Management System Virtual University) is an online platform. The Virtual University uses this platform for different purposes, like managing and delivering its courses. This platform is used for online studies and provides a convenient source of education for students.

VULMS stands for Virtual University Learning Management System. It plays a key role in providing a comprehensive educational environment for the students. Through this online platform, students can interact with other students, and their instructors, gain access to their course, submit their assignments, get involved in quizzes and exams, etc.


They can also receive feedback and grades on this platform regarding their performance.

We provide you with a step-by-step guide to ensure a seamless first-time login experience.

Take Admission

For the new student, it is essential to apply for admission to the university. Students can apply for their preferred program in the available programs offered by the university. For this purpose, you have to visit the official website of the VU.

After getting admission, you will be provided with a student ID. This ID is very important, so you have to keep it safe for the next procedure. Also visit: Gamca Medical Status and PMDC Login Portal.

In the case of an existing or returning student, you can retrieve your student ID that is already registered. For this purpose, you can easily contact the university’s support services.

Generate the VU LMS Login Credentials

On the official site of the university, you will find the registration page. When you open this page, you have to enter some information. It requires some details, like your student ID number and other personal information.

Your information should be correct. After filling out this option, you have to create your password. Try to create a strong password to avoid hacking. Remembering the password is very important.

Vulms student login

Activate Your Account

When you submit your registration form, the next step is the activation of your account. For activation, you will receive a verification email at your registered email address. By clicking the link in the email, you can activate the account.

After completing this process, you can now easily log in to your account. Open the log-in page on the site and enter your student ID number and password in the required places. In this way, you can directly login to your account.

If you are logging in for the first time to this LMS, you have to follow some rules:

You have to access the VULMS Login Page on your preferred web browser. To open it, you have to write the URL into the address bar that is available on the page.

On the log-in page, you find a username option where you have to enter the student ID. This student ID is provided to every student after being admitted to the university. These IDs are unique and serve as the student’s identity at the university.

Students need to create a strong password. For this purpose, you can use the date of birth as your password, like 03072002, to get direct access to your account.

When you enter your student ID and password, click on the log-in button. In this way, you can easily open your VULMS account and use it.

Navigating VULMS is very easy. You have to follow some simple steps, like

  • You have to visit the official website of the university, where you will find the log-in option. Just click on the log-in button and enter your ID and password.
  • After logging in, you will find the dashboard of the site on your screen. It provides you with different course information and important announcements.
  • Here you find the tab for courses. By clicking this tab, you can access your course materials and choose your preferred course.
  • When you open the course page, you will find a lot of lecture videos, documents, assignments, and a lot more related to your course.
  • Here you find the option of discussion and quizzes. In this way, you can engage in different discussions and quizzes on this page.
  • To submit your assignment, you will find an assignment tab on the page. submit your assignment before the deadline for your convenience.
  • The messaging system on the site allows you to find the answers to different questions through messaging with your instructor.

The Virtual University of Pakistan provides you with the best opportunity to enhance your educational experience. It helps all the students, professionals, and academics enhance their knowledge and skills appropriately.

Students can achieve different degrees in multiple subjects, such as business, computer science, education, and psychology. Different courses help them enhance their knowledge.

VULMS LOGIN allows you to attend various seminars and workshops that are conducted and led by experts and professionals. Multiple online resources, in the form of articles and e-books, are available for your convenience. This platform allows you access to an online community where you can interact with peers, other faculty, and alumni to gain knowledge.

It is a modern learning platform that is completely different from conventional learning methods. You can gain knowledge about technology in an innovative manner.

It is the best way to embrace the new era of education that is being established to meet the needs of the modern age. Through this platform, you can walk on a new horizon of learning that is as modern and innovative as the digital world.

It allows you to start your learning process from the homepage, where you will find a lot of opportunities waiting for you.

A wide range of courses triggers your curiosity and allows you to choose your favorite subject. You can expand your knowledge with the extensive range of courses available here.

You find a learning environment where you can contact your peers, instructors, and different experts to get help in your subjects. Our experts are always available for your guidance. Explore your field and enhance your learning skills through this amazing platform.

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