Difference Between EOBI Salary & EOBI Pension?

What Is EOBI Salary? 

EOBI Salary

EOBI salary is just a payment that an ensured employee receives in Pakistan. It is the salary of the private employees who don’t have any other financial support after their retirement. EOBI is an institute in Pakistan that provides financial support to the employees of the private sector. Overseas Pakistani people and human resource development are the EOBI organization’s heads. Both bodies manage the EOBI salary program. 

What Is the EOBI Program?

EOBI, which stands for Old Age Benefits Institution, aims to provide financial support to private sector employees. Every one of us knows that when a person is doing a government job then he gets all the benefits such as.

  • Job Security 
  • Opportunities For Advancement
  • Health Benefits
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Competitive Salaries
  • Work-Life Balance

The EOBI program encourages every registered employee to live an easy and tension-free life. On the other side, we have many private sector employees, who have not gotten any benefits from the government of Pakistan. So the EOBI is established only for the welfare and financial support of these employees. EOBI has been serving from 1976 to 2024 and it helped millions of private employees. 

How To Get EOBI Salary?

If you are an EOBI registered employee then you will be eligible for EOBI salary. Otherwise, you need to register yourself with EOBI. If you want to know how to register with EOBI then click on this link. 

Now you can get your EOBI salary after the registration process of EOBI.

  • Visit the EOBI official website and log in to your account. 
  • Put your username and password to log in to your account. 
  • You can use your CNIC number to log in to your account also.
  • After the sign-in process, now you can easily check your pension or EOBI salary status.

Difference Between EOBI Salary & EOBI Pension?

If you have no idea about EOBI salary and EOBI pension difference then you need to read the following guide. 

Difference Between EOBI Salary & EOBI Pension?

EOBI Salary

EOBI salary is a fund or payment that an EOBI ensures employees get every month. Such payment can get that employee who has done a job in any EOBI-ensured private sector or organization. It is a fixed payment and increases over time and on the working experience of the employee. You can track EOBI pension online.

EOBI Pension

EOBI pension is a payment that can be provided by an employer after the retirement of an employee. Pension is a financial type of help that a company offers to its employees after retirement to live a better life. It is fixed money and it’s not increased over time. However, if you want to get this EOBI pension benefit you need to register with this EOBI pension system. After the registration, you can get EOBI Pension Card.


Following are some questions and answers which are in every person’s mind.

Who Can Get EOBI Salary?

Every employee of the private sector who is registered with the EOBI program. And who is not getting any other benefit after his retirement?

Who Manage EOBI Salary Program?

Overseas Pakistani and human development resource department and EOBI organization’s heads manage the EOBI salary program.

Who Can Get an EOBI Pension?

Every EOBI registered employee can get an EOBI pension after his retirement. EOBI pension is fixed money that is provided to employees to live better-remaining lives.

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