Why Is EOBI Not Increasing A 35,000 Pension?

Why Is EOBI Not Increasing A 35,000 Pension?

Employee Old Age Benefits Institution is a financial support net for private retired employees in Pakistan. But in this difficult time, EOBI is going through a tough time and hasn’t enough budget to increase the pension. EOBI need improvements and proper care from the Government of Pakistan. 

Why Is EOBI Not Increasing A 35,000 Pension

Financial Equilibrium:

EOBI does not have much funds to increase the pension of every retired employee. But with the help of the government, it’s possible. 

Government Support

The government need to provide reasonable funds for the pension amount to cover this shortfall and keep things going. 

More Contribution Required

Both employers and private workers need to put more contributions into this pension program. Contribution can also cover this gap and EOBI can stand on its foot.

Smart Investment

EOBI needs to invest some money wisely and get profit to give financial support to it. EOBI should invest money in low-risk businesses. 

Need Administrative Reforms

EOBI department needs to follow reforms to perform well for this pension increase. 

New Chairman

EOBI need an honest leader or chairman who makes sure that the institute is working well and makes the best policies for the betterment of pensioners. 

Hiring Staff

The chairman should hire more staff and give them professional training to improve the performance of employees in old age benefits institutions. 

Fast Pension Process

Retired workers should have to wait a long time to get their monthly pension. After this hiring, EOBI will work fast. 

Follow EOBI Rules

It is the responsibility of every retired or insured employee and employer to follow the EOBI rules. If someone doesn’t follow the rules then can get alarming consequences. 

Aware About EOBI

Tell every employee about the EOBI pension program. After retirement, they can get benefits from this pension scheme. When more people join the EOBI pension program the institute will stay strong. 

Working Together

Government, employers, employees, and communities need to work together for the good performance of the Employee Old Age Benefits Institution program. Authority should open their eyes and see how things going and what to do next. Read Through this one.

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