EOBI Facilitation System

How To Use The EOBI Facilitation System?


EOBI is going to provide an online registration service for the registration of employees on your doorstep. Such a process is operated by the EOBI facilitation system. Once you log in to the EOBI system you can use different types of functions. The EOBI facilitation system has a user-friendly user interface and is a great system for EOBI employees and employers. It doesn’t demand any additional documentation and paperwork for the use of this EOBI Employees Registration System.

Everything is online nowadays and just one click away from your approach. Here you can easily do an EOBI login to your account by using an ID and password to view and add pensioner details online. If you want to create an EOBI facilitation system account then will guide you on how to create an EOBI facilitation system account online. 

How To Use The EOBI Facilitation System?

What Is The EOBI Facilitation System?

If you are an EOBI registered employee then it is a good thing for you. You can check your all EOBI details by Login EOBI account. You can register your account and check the details of your pension on your doorstep. 

How To Use The EOBI Facilitation System?

Here is the easy and step-by-step guide for the use of the EOBI facilitation system. 

  • Visit EOBI’s official web portal
  • Log in to your account
  • Go to the option of the EOBI facilitation system 
  • Register an account to use the EOBI FS system
  • Get your ID and password on your email address
  • Now you need to log in to submit your employee details and also add the EOBI Contribution Voucher in this system.
  • You can pay your voucher payment through the National Bank of Pakistan.
How To Use The EOBI Facilitation System? Guide

What Is The Current Contribution Rate Of EOBI 2024?

10,000 is the current pension rate of EOBI in 2024. The following are contribution rates for 2024.

  • 1% wage is the current contribution that provides an employee from his salary
  • A 5% contribution is provided by the employer for the employee’s salary
  • The other amount of the contribution is paid by the government of Pakistan.


EOBI FS stands for Employee Old Age Benefits Institution Facilitation System.

Every employer of a private organization or employee can use this system.

A private organization or sector employer can register his employees with the EOBI pension program through this FS.

It demands initial information or documentation for the registration of an employee.

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