Who Can Claim Pension After The Death Of EOBI Pensioner?

EOBI mentioned in its rules that who can claim pension after the death of EOBI pensioner. If you fail any of the following people then you can easily EOBI pensioner after the death of the pensioner.

Claim Pension After The Death Of EOBI Pensioner?

Widow Of EOBI Pensioner?

When an EOBI pensioner dies after his retirement then his wife can claim a full EOBI pension. She will get this pensioner for a lifetime even if she gets a second marriage then she will also claim this pension. 

Son Of EOBI Pensioner?

If an EOBI pensioner and his wife both have died, and they leave a son then their son can claim EOBI pensioner. He can claim an EOBI pension for the age of 18 years. He will get all the EOBI benefits such as a marriage grant, scholarship, etc… 

Daughter Of EOBI Pensioner?

If an EOBI pensioner and his widow both have died after retirement, and they have daughters then their daughters can claim an EOBI pension. His daughters can claim full pension until their marriage. EOBI also provides them with marriage grand and scholarships for their bright educational future. When they get married then the EOBI pension can’t be given to them. 

Parents Of EOBI Pensioner?

If a retired EOBI pensioner dies and he hasn’t married or hasn’t any child then this pensioner will be transferred to his old parents if any of them are alive. EOBI pensioner’s parents can claim EOBI pensioner for the next 5 years. After 5 this mentioned period, this pension will be ended. 

Final Words

If you are a widow, son, daughter, or parent of an EOBI pensioner then you can easily claim an EOBI pension after his death. EOBI provides the full benefits to the heirs of pensioners. If you want to ask any questions about claiming pensioner you need to visit our web portal. You can use comment sections to ask anything about pensioner transfer. 

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