EOBI Pension Rules In Urdu (Updated 2024)

EOBI Pension Rules In Urdu (Updated 2024)

Pension Rules In Urdu

We know that the majority of old age people are weak in reading the English language so we will provide you with EOBI pension rules in Urdu. These EOBI pension rules 2024 in Urdu will help you to get your EOBI pension or EOBI registration.

EOBI Pension Rules In Urdu (Updated 2024)

EOBI Rules In Urdu Your National Language

If you want to know the EOBI pension rules in Urdu then you can read that and know how to do EOBI Login and get your pension. But if you want to read in English and detailed rules then you need to visit EOBI Rules on the official website.


You must have a minimum of 15 years of job experience then you can be eligible for this EOBI pension. 

EOBI pension starts after the retirement of an EOBI-registered employee. If an employee dies during the service period then his pension will be transferred to his widow, kids, and old age parents. 

EOBI pension calculation can be done on the base of following rules. 

  • Every employee will pay 01% of his salary for the pension contribution that he will get after retirement from the private organization.  
  • An employer will pay a 05% contribution for employee pension from his packet.

The maximum pension amount depends on the working period and average salary of an employee. So no one can think about the exact figure. 

The normal pension age of an employee is 60 years in Pakistan. 

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  1. EOBI m job experienc 15 sal ka ek hi company m Kam krny ka ho JB k wo regesterd 15 sal phly hi ho Chuka ho

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