EOBI Pension Increase Notification

EOBI Pension Increase Notification

EOBI Pension Increase Notification

It was informed to all EOBI-insured persons that they will get an increment from 6500 to Rs 8500 on January 1st, 2020. But unfortunately, the pensions are still stuck at the same rate. Even the inflation EOBI pension increased. If we will get any notification related to the enhancement in EOBI pensions we will notify you on our platform in 2024. If you want to be informed about EOBI pension increase-related news updates, visit EOBI Login.

EOBI Pension Increase Notification

When will the EOBI Pension Increase?

If you are waiting for your pension increment, we have some news related to it. But we have no idea when the EOBI pension will be increased. Although we have news from last year from EOBI. they declared that they would increase pensions from 8500 to 15000. But nothing’s changed yet. Everyone’s been asking EOBI to give us more money for pensions but it feels like they are not listening. You can read the rules for EOBI pensions in Urdu.

So that you know the money EOBI uses for pensions comes from both workers and bosses. The government does not pitch in any cash for this program. Every worker puts aside 1% of their salary for pensions and employers put in 5% of what their employees make. That’s how EOBI gathers the money to help retired folks. The government does not chip in for this good cause.

Has EOBI Pension Increased?

the EOBI pension got a boost in 2020. The old pension used to be Rs. 6500 but they increased it to 8500 on January 1, 2020. It took some serious protest from the employees. But EOBI finally upped the pension game. The value of our rupee is going up and down. It is getting tough out here for the regular old-age citizens, especially the middle and lower-class employees.”

What is the New EOBI Pension Rate In Pakistan?

The EOBI has declared the new pension rate at Rs8500 for every retired employee. That means that every registered employee will be eligible to receive 8,500. The updated pension rate has already been enforced in Pakistan.  Now the employees are getting new amounts. If we consider the inflation rate nowadays 8500 does not go a long way. It’s barely enough for a lower-class family to make ends meet.

What is the New EOBI Pension Rate In Pakistan

As a website platform, we force the authorities to raise the pension. It should be a minimum of 15000. Our employees must be strong and resilient. A strong economy is important to collective progress. Increased pension will enhance the person’s step towards achieving big goals. We believe it is an important time for EOBI to take this step and boost the lifestyle of countless retired individuals.

EOBI Can Increase The Pension Rate from 10,000 to 15,000 In The Future?

If you want to increase your pension to 15000 we urge you to comment in our comment section. It will help us to be motivated and create a voice for you to enhance pensions. Just explain the way you want your pensions to be. It is your birthright to be facilitated with your basic rights. If you will raise your voice you will be facilitated with the enhancement of the pension rate in Pakistan. Just raise a strong voice for your rights as much as comments you can to strengthen your protest and raise light for your basic rights.

If you still are waiting for your pension to be raised without raising your voice you will be waiting further. The pensions need to be increased as inflation rises. People with 8500 pensions can not survive in the inflation era. All other departments are getting raises in their salaries but the pensions people are still bearing inflation.

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  1. EOBI Pension must be increased at least 50% of current worker salary ie if a worker is getting
    Rs 32000/- the pension should by 16000, and in new Budget workers wages increased to 36000, the pension should be 18000- per month.

  2. The requirement of the age is there should be the raise in the amount of pension in the expected amount is RS.15000/-

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