WWF Registration

WWF is the abbreviation for worker welfare funds. Now every EOBI-ensured person could be registered with worker welfare funds. If an employee of a private organization is registered with worker welfare funds then he can these benefits.

There are various types of pension grants that every employee can get who is registered with this EOBI program. If you want to register with this welfare program, this guide is perfect and easier. What is the procedure for giving an application, what kinds of documents do you need, and other things? 

Worker Welfare Funds

Introduction Of Worker Welfare Board?

The Worker Welfare Board is an organization that offers a welfare social program for the welfare of employees of the private sector. It is responsible for providing welfare facilities to the workers.

For example, it provides basic facilities to workers such as housing, health, and educational facilities, and provides different grants. Each province of Pakistan has its own worker welfare board. 

WWB was created based on section 11 of the Worker Welfare Fund Ordinance 1971. This welfare organization authority works under the supervision of the Ministry of Overseas Pakistani and Human Resources Development (HRD). 

WWF or WWB provides different types of grants to its workers, like marriage grants for the daughters of workers. Educational grants for the children of workers and also the death grant to the deceased employee’s heir or relatives like a widow, children, and parents of the worker. 

How Can You Apply For Worker Welfare Funds?

There is an eligibility criterion for private sector employees before applying for a worker welfare fund scheme. Before you can apply for the worker welfare fund program you must fulfill the following eligibility criteria. 

  • According to the IRA-2008 rule, every worker or employee must fall into the workman criteria. 
  • The worker must be registered with the Social Security program and employee Old age benefits institution organization. 
  • A worker must complete his 3-year service period in a private organization or private sector. 

NOTE: (in case of death of an employee there is no 3 years experience condition applied for getting death grand)

So every employee needs to fulfill the above eligibility criteria to apply for registration with WWF organization.

How Can You Register With Worker Welfare Funds?

The registration process with WWF is very easy and simple. You can apply online for such a registration process. There is no need to visit any office you can register yourself online with the WWF system on its web portal.

If you are from Sindh then you can go Sindh WWF Portal and if you belong to Punjab then visit the Punjab portal for registration. So you can visit from the below link that belongs to your area. 

EOBI Employee’s Registration For Talent Scholarship?

In this guide, we will discuss the Punjab WWF Area people registration process. So the other province people can apply through its area website. 

Registration For Talent Scholarship?
  1. Go to the Worker Welfare Punjab Portal.
  2. On the home page, you see the second option is to click here to apply online and the other one is to click here to deposit. 
  3. You must go to click here to apply to start the registration process. 
  4. Then you will see two more options one is login and the other one is register.
  5. You need to go for the register option because you are going to apply for a talent scholarship. 
  6. Here you will find a notification that will show you a list of some schools and colleges where you cannot join these institutes.
    • Muslim Institute of Computer Science Lahore
    • Grace College Lahore
    • CFE Group of Colleges
    • Hamza Polytechnic Institute Kasur
    • Mid-City Lahore
  7. So, you need to fill out the registration form with the following details for the talent scholarship program.
    • Write your relationship with the worker
    • Full name of the student as per CNIC 
    • Father/Husband’s full name as per CNIC card
    • Select the gender of the student
    • CNIC/B-form number of student
    • Date of birth as per CNIC of student
    • Select the marital status of the student
    • Province of domicile 
    • Select the district of domicile
    • Present the postal address of the student
    • Province
    • City
    • District
    • Tehsil
    • Permanent postal address
    • Cell number of student
    • Email address of the student
  8. No, you need to click on the accept terms and conditions declaration and register button. 

After the registration process, you need to check your given email. Here you will receive your username and password for logging into your account. So, here you can apply for a talent scholarship. 

How Can An EOBI Employee Apply For A Marriage Grant?

A marriage grant is provided in the shape of a handsome amount for purchasing jehaiz of the worker’s daughter. You can get a marriage grant after registration with the WWF program. Following is the method of applying for a marriage grant.

How To Apply For A Marriage Grant?
  1. Go to the Worker Welfare Punjab Portal. and click on the marriage grant option.
  2. Now you find the two options one is login and the other one is register.
  3. You need to click on the register option.
  4. Here you need to provide the following details to register with WWF.
    • Choose your relationship with the employee.
    • Full name as per CNIC
    • Father/Husband name 
    • Select your gender
    • National Identity Card Number
    • Write your present postal address
    • Candidate Mobile Number
    • Email address
  5. After writing this information you need to click on the register button.

Now your registration process is completed and you need to log in to your account and then apply for a marriage grant. 

If you are facing any problems during the registration with the worker welfare fund for the mentioned grants then you can contact us. You can ask any question about the processing of applications for such welfare programs. Hope you truly understand how to register with the EOBI program to secure your future with this system.