Khaqan Murtaza Crackdown Against EOBI Officers?

Employee old age benefit institution’s newly appointed chairman Khaqan Murtaza starts crackdown against corrupt officers of the EOBI department. He wants to make the EOBI program an established and well-performing institute. 

Khaqan Murtaza Crackdown Against EOBI Officers

He takes action against those officers who are not doing their job honestly and using many funds of EOBI retired employees. He takes government vehicles from these officers. 

These officers are affected by his order including Sukhan Iliyas Deputy director of P&C Islamabad, Qadeer Ahmad Deputy director of P&C Lahore, Abraiz Zaffar Deputy Director of Law Department Head Office Karachi, Muhammad Naeem Shokat Deputy Director F&A Department head office Karachi. 

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