EOBI Pension Notification Latest Updates

EOBI Pension Notification Latest Updates

For many days Government employees and Eobi’s pensioners were on strike and demanding a 100% increase in their pension. At the outset, different suggestions and news were in a circle. Now the forthcoming budget is not very far and it is almost confirmed that Eobi pension’s notification has been published. Soon will be announced as the KPK Government announced their budget before the federal budget and they have increased pension and salaries up to 10 to 20%.

EOBI Pension Notification Latest Updates

It is said that a 12 to 15% increase has been made for the Federal Government and semi Government employees and a 10% increase for Federal Government pensioners also, a 50% increase has been made for the EOBI pensioners which will become 5000 rupees because before this EOBI pensioners were getting only 10000 rupees per month which is not a reasonable amount in these critical days. although in old age medical expenses should be more than their EOBI pension.

It is hoped that before the forthcoming budget 2024, a reasonable increase in EOBI pension will be made and there will be no change in EOBI pensioner’s notification as from many days it has been under discussion.

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