Is EOBI Disbursing Pension & Arrears Funds?

Employee old age benefits management provides the pension funds of 04 Arab & 87 Crore Rupees to Bank Al Falah. EOBI pension for March 2024 may be disbursed today 01 April 2024 by the bank Al Falah. Because Eid Ul Fitr 2024 is coming with the blessing of Allah Almighty. Every pensioner needs the pension due to the upcoming Eid and purchasing some necessary things. 

Is EOBI Disbursing Pension & Arrears Funds

Bank Al Falah will start distributing the above-mentioned pension amount between the 4,23912 pensioners. The disbursement process will start today 01 April 2024. Some pensioner’s arrears amount was remaining toward the Employee old age benefits institution program. We have good news for them because the EOBI authority is also going to disburse the arrears amount.

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