Is Pay Slip Necessary To Claim EOBI Pension

Is Pay Slip Necessary To Claim EOBI Pension?

Pay Slip

A pay slip is documentary proof of your salary which you received from your employer. It shows EOBI employee’s total earnings, deductions, employer contributions, and other financial details. The pay slip mainly shows the gross income of EOBI-registered employees without including contributions and deduction of any taxes and net salary after the deductions.

Is Pay Slip Necessary To Claim EOBI Pension

Pay slips also inform the EOBI employee about the main difference between gross payments and net payments. Pay slips are also necessary for claiming an EOBI pension from the EOBI program and many other financial matters. Every EOBI pensioner is entitled to receive individually written pay slips from his employer. 

What Types Of Information Does A Pay Slip Contain?

A pay slip or salary slip contains the following types of information. Every EOBI employee must necessary to know about it to claim an EOBI pension.

EOBI Employee Details

Pay slip this portion contains the full name of the EOBI employee, employee payroll number, total number of leaves, current designation of employee, contact details, and department of employee where he is working nowadays. 

Earning or Payment

This portion especially shows the dedicated earnings of EOBI employees. It includes the all payments.

Basic Pay

This portion includes the basic payment of the employee that he received for his work. Basic payment is without overtime and any other bonus payments. If an employee has worked on an hourly basis then the pay slip shows the hourly rate of payment. 

Additional Earning

After basic payment comes additional earnings

  • Overtime payments: When an employee works at night and or works extra hours then he will get overtime earnings.
  • When an employee gets some special goal and achieves it then he will get a performance bonus from the employer.
  • Or any other allowances such as meal allowance, transportation allowance, medical allowance, house allowance, and fuel allowance.

Deduction From Gross Salary

The next portion is about the deduction of taxes from an employee’s gross salary. Taxes deduction is a necessary type of deduction from employee pay. Deductions show all types of taxes in this deduction portion of the payslip. Tax deductions could be variable. It fluctuates like EOBI contribution. 

Net Pay

This portion shows the net earnings of employees. After the tax deductions the earnings that an employee gets are called net pay. It includes the EOBI contribution toward the government of Pakistan and employers of private organizations. 

Pay Slip Additional Details

Sometimes payslips include supplementary information such as company policies and contact details to the HR department. It includes some information about new updates and announcements of the company. It also shows the employee’s remaining annual leaves in a calendar. 

Does Pakistani Law Enforced Employer To Give Salary Slip To Workers?

The issuance of wages or salary slips is enforced in Pakistan through provincial legislation. 

  • Payment Act For Wages 1936 (For Punjab)
  • Balochistan Payment Wages Act 2021
  • Sindh Payment Wages Act 2015
  • KPK Payment Wages Act 2013

Provincial Payment of Wages Legislation Act demands that employers pay cash or through bank accounts timely to the workers. But there are no requirements for Sindh province. Only the Sindh Payment Wages Act demands that employers provide the payslip to the worker to show the details of payments. 

Final Words

The pay slip or salary slip of an EOBI employee plays a vital role in claiming an EOBI pension from an Employee old age benefits institution. Because salary slips are the records of your previous service on base your pension will be made. It is necessary to attach your pay slip with your pension claiming application to get your EOBI pension. 

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  1. Since the inflation rate in Pakistan has been increased for the last couple of years, whereas EOBI pension is only PKR 10,000/- month. Which is not enough to fulfill even basic requirement of a person. We strongly urge to increase EOBI Pension minimum to PKR 15,000/- month.

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